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Hide Files and Folders 3.2

This small but powerful utility is enough to protect your sensitive data
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Security of the sensitive data or important files is the main concern for each computer user. This is very important that we remain serious about our files and documents, because anyone who has access to your computer whether it is online or offline can easily harm your important files and documents or steal your secret data. So you must protect your sensitive data files and documents by using Hide Files and Folders utility. This small but powerful utility is enough to protect your sensitive documents. It comes with many protection techniques. Therefore you can select the protection technique according to your requirements. You can use this utility on any files or folders accept windows files. So if you want to protect your file or folder then you can simply right click on the file or folder and select your required Protect by option. Very easy! It provides many protection options like hide, password protect, read only and hide name only. It is a great utility but it does not provide option to set different passwords for different files.

Manoj Goel
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  • Integrates itself with windows menus
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple protection options
  • Works on files and folders
  • Unlock Timer


  • Can’t set different password for different files
  • Not a freeware
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